Xfinity Home App Minimum Requirements

Turn any screen into a TV with the Xfinity Stream app included with your Xfinity service. You never have to miss the TV you absolutely have to watch. For more information, see My husband and I went on vacation and wondered what I could do to watch my shows without falling so far behind them. Also, I have a lot of channels and my husband and I love football and the place where we lived didn`t have all the channels we needed to watch football, so I checked the internet to see if there was a way to watch my shows without being at home and I found this app and it changed everything for me. This week I was able to enjoy my vacation with my husband and stay up to date on my shows. Plus, watch all the football games we wanted. It was so beautiful. Even as a mother, my kids have always occupied the TVs and with 3 kids who like different things, all the TVs are always busy, so now I can watch my TV on my phone anytime and anywhere. I never need to use the TV again and honestly, I don`t have it because I have it on my phone: it`s the best Xfinity can ever do.

I can literally watch all my recorded shows or live TV. I couldn`t be happier with this app that I`ve had since February 20 and still can`t stream. From what I can say, you can download the streaming app on new versions of my TV in the family room, but mine is 7 years old but still a 55-inch LG Smart TV. I resumed my service mainly because I desperately needed the internet to look for work, and that`s where all my time was spent (just if your cable isn`t working). I paid extra for the 300 mb/sec, so I would be willing to accept any type of position, including working from home, independent advice or partial travel. At that time, the sales representative was talking about the excellent streaming app and the absence of a monthly fee for the devices, since there are no cable boxes for each TV. The 300MB/s internet comes with a different router from the other plans and is also required for the streaming app service. The sales representative really didn`t sell here on the service and by lowering my monthly bill due to the fees for each cable TV box, that`s what sold me on this plan. Sales reps should check the make/model of your electronic device over the phone to make sure the streaming services are compatible so that they work as intended for optimal performance. This would ensure that clients have a good experience of working effectively and efficiently with the new service. Plus, that`s just the thing.

Includes fixes for Chromecast issues and overall performance improvements. Please let the app play both in the background and in lock screen mode. There are times when I want to sleep on a TV but I`m dazzled by the light that comes with it. With my iPad or iPhone, I was able to watch TV without that annoying bright screen on my face. Unfortunately, you have to leave your device on to listen to the program. If you turn off your device during a program, you only have a few seconds before the app mutes. This could be a bad thing because if you leave your device on, it can heat up or drain the battery. T The ability to run the app in the background or on the lock screen (without video playback) would make it easier to use at night while you`re trying to sleep. And if you`re blind, you won`t be able to see the video anyway. Being able to switch the video only to sound would make a big difference for those who only want sound when using the app.

I love the fact that Xfinity has gone the extra mile to make the app`s voiceover accessible to the blind. As well as contrasting colors for the visually impaired. However, I would like to see the app compatible for those who allow large-scale printing on their devices. Otherwise, I love the app, but it could definitely be tweaked a bit.. .