Agreement Letter between School and Parents

· Since good student attendance is a proven important factor in student academic success and government funding is based solely on the actual attendance of students in school, all students are expected to attend school every day they do well. Students are expected to stay home if they are visibly ill, have a high temperature and/or are contagious. · Current sick leave is supervised by the classroom teacher and the school nurse. After the 3rd absence, a letter to the parents will be sent. CONSIDERING that the student voluntarily chooses to apply to attend the business school instead of the neighborhood assigned by the student, has reviewed the mission and value statements of the business school, believes that he/she would benefit from attending the business school and is committed to doing his best, achieving excellence in education; 2. The student undertakes to make every effort to obtain a quality education from the Business School. The student agrees to respect the guidelines, rules and regulations adopted for the school and how they can be adopted. The student agrees to work with the administrators, teachers and classmates of the Enterprise School. The student acknowledges and accepts that he or she is an important part of the educational process of the Business School and that it is up to the student to do his or her best to learn and promote a positive educational environment for all students.

The student also recognizes that in order to promote a positive educational environment, he or she must be prepared at all times to participate appropriately in the educational opportunities offered by the Business School. Based on the class rules and the school code of conduct, students miss the break and receive notification from parents of behavioral violations. Notifications must be signed by a parent and returned to the teacher the next day. Students will be present on time and for all classes and will remain at school throughout the school day, unless they are sick or previously excused for a family emergency. · Family leave is considered non-excused absences and should therefore be scheduled on extracurricular days. For special circumstances or emergency situations, basic prior approval is required. A letter of request from the parents is required at least one week in advance if possible. Additional registration in case of prolonged and uncused absence cannot be guaranteed. As part of the follow-up to this agreement, teachers keep records for each child and record violations as soon as they occur so that they can intervene and communicate with the student and family to raise awareness and make changes as needed. It is therefore agreed between the parties as follows: 1.

The Enterprise School is committed to providing students with the opportunity to receive an excellent college education based on the principles set out in its mission and value statements. The Enterprise School, through its administrators, teachers and assistants, will do its best to help students pursue and achieve academic excellence. · Student supervision is provided to ensure the safety of students during pre-school drop-off and after school pickup. Parents are responsible for dropping off and picking up students during supervised hours and in accordance with the arrival and exit times described above in this document. A student receives a notification to the parents which must be signed by one of the parents and returned no later than the next day. Early drop-off and late pickup will be recorded separately. · According to state and county guidelines, students are reported late if they are late to school or if they are released from school early before the end of class. All delays count towards a student`s permanent attendance list. Parents will receive written notice from parents on the day of each delay. CONSIDERING that the Business School is committed to providing all its students with a high-quality education in accordance with its mission and declaration of value, as explained in more detail in the application of 7 October 1997 for the establishment and operation of a business school (all documents submitted to the district as part of the administration of the Business School are collectively referred to as “Application”, as defined in the contract between the district and BIEMS), Inc.); With effect from 1. In July 2007, this agreement was entered into between Belle Isle Enterprise Middle School (“Enterprise School”), Belle Isle Enterprise Middle School, Inc., a non-profit corporation located in Oklahoma (“BIEMS, Inc.”), and the undersigned student (“Student”) and his/her parents or guardians (“Parent” or “Parents”) for enrollment in the Enterprise School for the 2007-2008 academic year. 3.

Parents agree to participate in the education of students with their support and time, including by responding to communications by letter or telephone from the Enterprise School. .